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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Makeup makeup palette eye makeup eyeshadow blush Anastasia Jeffree Star Urban Decay grav3yard girl beauty beauty tips makeup tutorial Facebook Page!

Hi everyone! If you are a fan of makeup or hair, then please feel free to join our makeup group on facebook. We are growing huge already and in need of many more members.

Info: / Link : Makeup Dollz
This group is all about makeup, which includes:
Idea's, lessons, live videos, tutorials, MOTD, nails, show off your vanity, makeup collection, share deals you found that are makeup related, box openings, buy/sell/trade makeup related, etc... You name it, if it's makeup related, it is welcome!

Be be kind, respectful, and comment or post as much as you feel comfortable doing. We want a fun active group where we as woman/men
can bond with something we love to do.

Please no advertising of other makeup groups or makeup pages. No member thieving, and no sexual or graphic styles of any kind. I say this because there will be children a part of this group.

Current Admins
Janis Higgins
Tammy Lee Milner
Have fun lovies and strut that beautiful canvas of a face that you have!